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Blending Cultures is a beautiful story of a child born into different cultures. Guess what? I am that child! 

My parents are from America and Jamaica. Sounds great?!  I enjoy being a part of different cultures. Every day brings lovely stories and I love to share some of my stories with you. 

Blending cultures is my little book of stories. I promise to tell you exciting stories on how great it is to be with my Mom and Dad, who are from different background. 

My parents always tell me how amazing and creative I am. They tell me I will be great if I do what I love every day.

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Reading Accessories

Interested in Tiyes’ little book on Blending Cultures and her other novel ideas? Here’s all you need to know.

Blending Cultures


Tiye tells her story of how being from different cultures makes her unique and gives her the strength to be always positive. The book contains her story in her voice.  

Tiye's Board Game


Tiye board game is a fun way to learn the alphabet and numbers. It also shows kids (between 1-5 years) different cultures of the world with their colors and cultures!


December's Month of Giving


The holidays are always fun. Tiye tells you how she enjoys her holidays. She mentions her friends who make the holiday even more wonderful for her.

Blending Cultures Notebook


An excellent and stylish notebook that makes your kids' learning more comfortable. It has a color page right after the cover, to boost your kid's creativity.


Tiye"s Holiday Coloring Book


Kids love colors, and Tiye does too! Help your child see the world in different colors with the coloring book. Let them draw their cats, dogs, or even their superheroes with a color book that inspires. 

Looking for a really good book? Purchase now and get your next read with secure online ordering and fast shipping.


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